acsm file into EPUB PDF converter

Convert ACSM files into eBooks

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eBook purchased from online stores mostly are .ACSM files, a uncommon eBook file format.

If you want to read these eBooks on different devices, you will need to convert them into readable eBooks format like EPUB or PDF. eBook DRM are also required to be removed from them as well.

acsm file into EPUB PDF converter

Converting ACSM to EPUB/PDF is a simple task with the help of Epubor Ultimate and Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 1/4 – Run Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and authorize it with your registered Adobe ID

Run Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it with your Adobe ID. You can apply for a new Adobe ID if you don’t have one.

If you don’t have Adobe Digital Editions, download and install it from here.

Step 2/4 – Drag&Drop the .ACSM files into Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

Drag the .ACSM files into Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) interface so that the program will start to download the eBooks associated with the loaded .ACSM files.

You can also load the .ACSM files into ADE simply with double-click on them. .ACSM files should be open by ADE by default.

If they are not opened by ADE by default, you can right-click on the files and select Open With…, Adobe Digital Editions.

Manually select ADE to open .ACSM files

Note: this step requires internet to work

Adobe Digital Editions is downloading the EPUB eBooks from .ACSM files

Step 3/4 – Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) convert ACSM to EPUB

On Windows device

EPUB files download by ADE are generally located in …\My Documents (Documents)\My Digital Editions

You can access the folder quickly by open this command in any of your explorer windows %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Digital Editions

On Mac device

For Mac, the EPUB files should be found in the folder Users/Your computer name/Digital Editions …

For sure, you can check the Item Info for the exact location of the EPUB eBooks. All you need is explore the File menu, select Item Info, and then select Location.

You can now read the converted EPUB eBooks on dedicate devices with Adobe support such as Sony eReader, Kobo reader, BlueFire (installed on Android devices), etc. All you need is to copy the converted EPUB files to those eBooks specialized devices.

Note: please make sure that you are using the same Adobe ID for authorizing your eReader

EPUB eBooks at this stage could not be read on Apple Devices (e.g., iPad, iPod, iPhone with iBooks) and Amazon Kindle yet.

These devices do not support Adobe DRMed books without a custom override installation of compatible ADE app.

So, it is a must to strip off the DRM from all your eBooks before you can read them any of your devices, anytime and anywhere.

EPUBOR Ultimate is one of the best program for removing DRM from Adobe DRM protected ePUB.

Step 4/4 – Use EPUB DRM Removal to remove DRM from the EPUB

Run Epubor Ultimtate, it will detect and upload all the eBooks from Adobe Digital Edition’s default folder.

If you have done right so far, you would see all the eBooks now showing as Decrypted.

Now you can right click on the title of the eBook and select Explore Decrypted File for the decrypted DRM-free eBooks.

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