Uplet – Security and Privacy matters

Concerns on Uplet Security and Privacy?

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Uplet – Security and Privacy matters

While we all acknowledge that Uplet is an excellent app that helps to make the most of Instagram, there are still concerns about the security and privacy issues within its era.

The most concerned issue is you may get your Instagram account banned when using Uplet to make bulk photos upload directly from your Mac. In this article, we will guide you what need to be done to prevent your account from possible block.

The very First rule is limited number of photo posting per day. Even if your photos are shared with friends only, no body likes to be bombed with pictures. Current policy of Instagram allows only 100 photos to be posted within 24 hours. If you exceed this limit, the photos are still uploaded but they are pending to displays on your feed still the next day.

Do never post photos that not belong to you including images that contain violence, nudity or incite racial or religious intolerance. If your photos are with other people, remember to tag them when posting.

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Try to keep your photos unique by making caption for each of them. Do not use copy and paste the same comment for multiple photos. Even using Uplet to make multi-photos upload, you still can make comment for every single photo to be uploaded.

Be aware of anorexia matter. The recent join of Instagram to Facebook make all weight loss promotions and related hashtags may result in a warning or account ban.

The last concern is about the IP addresses tracking protocol from Instagram. Particularly, it is not recommended to run Uplet with the same Instagram account on different Macs at the same time.

Using Uplet along with with the native Instagram client for iOS or Android at the same time is not recommended either.

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