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Complete Guides on Sharing Audible Books for Free

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It is now easy and simple to share your Audible Books with your friends. You can share one audio book with your friends for free if you use the official Audible app. You can share any of your contents with one adult friend at a given time if you use the Amazon Household. These are known as the best as official free way.

1) Audible System

1.1) Share audiobooks with Audible App

Run Audible App and log in with your Audible account.

Then, go to Library to find the Audible books you want to share. Tap on the triple-dots next to the ebooks’ name for the Options menu.

On the Options menu, tab Send this Book.

Select one among 3 ways that you want your audible book to be shared to complete the Audible sharing.


1.2) Send This Book Via Audible On The Web

Log into Audible web with your Audible account.

Go to Library and select My Book.

Select to open a book you want to share. Click Send this Book link below the book description.


Input the receiver email address and note before clicking Send button to complete the sharing of audible book via Audible website.


2) Share audiobooks with Amazon Household

Amazon Household is a feature that allows you to share your Amazon/Audible content and your payment methods with another Amazon account, while still maintaining your own account’s security and privacy.

How to create a Household

Log into your account at Amazon and go to Your Content and Devices.

Click Preferences and select Households and Family Library, then click Learn more about Households.

On the next page, click Add Adult button to add a new profile.

If the other invited adult is not present, you can enter the name and the email address of that adult and click Continue.

If the other invited adult is present, click the Sign up together on this device link located at the bottom of the screen.

Then have the other adult sign in with their account and verify the creating of household.

Select, We agree to share credit and debit cards associated with our Amazon accounts in order to share select Prime benefits as well as games, apps, eBooks and Audiobooks; followed by Create Household.

Start Sharing You Content

Once you finished setting up your Amazon Household, you can start the sharing by enabling the Sharing for the content you want.

Shared content could be any content from your Family Library including Kindle books, apps and games, and audiobooks.

share content1

3) Conclusion

Please kindly be noticed again that with Audible app, you can only share one free audible books with your friends. And with Amazon Household sharing, you can only share any of your contents with one adult friend at a given time. If you leave a Household you will have to wait six months to join a new one.

If the above tips do not suite you, you may try another tip for sharing your purchased Audible books free and unlimited after stripping the DRM-protected from them.

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