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Change Voice on GameVox

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GameVox is another new voice products hosted by GameVox LLC., which has over has over 9 years of experience hosting other voice products such as Curse, Ventrilo, TeamSpeak and Mumble. However, GameVox is showing that it is far more advanced than the rest of voice products we know, so far. Give a glance over this page to see features comparison of Gamevox and other voice products.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your voice on GameVox using AVsoft Voice Changer Software Diamond.

GameVox voice changing tutorial

Here is how

Via main panel of GameVox UI, hit the icon at the top-left and select Settings.

change voice on gamevox - open gamevox settings

In the Settings windows, select Input Tab and switch to use AVsoft Virtual Audio Device as default device.

Hit OK button save changes and close Settings window.

change voice on gamevox - avsoft virtual device-www.allsoftwarediscount.com

All Done!

From now on, if you want to have your voice changed in real time when you are on GameVox voice chat, you just need to run the AV Voice Changer Software program before joining into the voice chat session.

** Disguising your voice can be an enjoyable entertainment or a good skill to develop, especially if you are interested in voice-over acting. Playing pranks on friends can be fun though, but be careful not to push it too far ^^.

AV Voice Changer Software Diamonnd 9.0 is now known as the best version of voice changing software from Audio4fun that can give much more natural output than any earlier version ever. The newly built-in Voice Editor could also be used in various purposes like morphing batch files, doing home voice-over recording, etc.

voice changer software diamond 9.5

Voice Morpher feature of the program is the key feature for changing voice in real-time on any VoIP applications.

Voice Beautifying is the another newly added feature to enhance the natural of morphed voice.

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