Broadcast Your Video from different Sources with ManyCam

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ManyCam supports your broadcast with various video sources streaming including multiple sources combined in one session.

To access the full list of video sources supported by ManyCam, simply make right-click on the Main Live window. You can also add a new source to your stream through the Preset toolbox.

Your Webcam as video source

One of the most important video sources that always comes first on the list of your camera sources is your Webcam options.

IP Cameras as video source

In ManyCam, you can use IP camera option as your camera source as long as you enter your IP camera URL or IP addresses.

By default, the initial list of IP camera is empty.

ManyCam Mobile as video source

It is excellent that you can use your mobile camera as a remote video source for your ManyCam broadcasting on Windows.

ManyCam mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

Short video clip on how to link your mobile device to ManyCam Desktop

Media files as video source

With this option, you can choose any media files stored on your computer as an output image for your live broadcasting.

YouTube URL as video source

This feature in ManyCam allows you to stream a YouTube video in your Main Live window. Simply, paste the YouTube Video URL in the video feed field and start the broadcasting.

You can also control the quality of the streaming video from Youtube by selecting either SD or HD resolution.

Desktop screen as video source

With this feature of ManyCam, you can grab and screencast your entire monitor, a custom selected area, a particular application window or the area under your cursor or multiple monitors at the same time.

This meas every inches of your desktop screen could be captured and used for live broadcasting.

Area under cursor

With this capture option you can capture a custom sized area around the cursor on the screen. During the capture, there is a red rectangle indicates the area is being captured.

You can adjust the size of the area using the Zoom feature.

App Window

ManyCam allows you to capture a specific application window with App Window option. When using this option, only the selected app is captured while the others apps are not even when they appear in the foreground of the selected app.

App Area

This option is likely a combination of Area capture option and App window capture option when the capture area is locked to a selected app window.

Anything that appears in the foreground of the selected app will be captured and displayed as a video source in ManyCam.

Custom area

This capture option in ManyCam is used for capturing a specific portion of your screen. This mode provides a convenient movable canvas so you can see the area that you are capturing.

You can also drag and resize this area.

Draw on desktop

When using this feature, you need to use it with one of the capture modes above because this drawing tool doesn’t do the capture.

More on ManyCam Desktop capture settings

Advanced capture settings are available in the ManyCam settings dialog.

Capture cursor
Defines whether your cursor will be visible on the video feed.

Capture layered windows
Uncheck this option to slightly improve performance. As a drawback, some menus may not be captured so do this at your own risk.

Animate mouse clicks
By default, there is an animation around your cursor when you press left mouse button.
Uncheck this option if you want to disable it.

Set up hotkeys for Zoom-in and Zoom-out actions.

Show rect around cursor
Shows red rectangle around your cursor while zooming or in “Area around cursor” mode.

Stick rect to mouse cursor
When using Zoom or “Area around cursor” mode, you can choose whether to move the area immediately after the mouse was moved, or make it follow the cursor.

DirectX acceleration
This feature significantly improves the quality and performance of video capturing. It’s highly recommended that you keep DirectX acceleration enabled in case you have Windows 8.1 or higher.

Blank image as video source

You can use a blank image as your video input source. You can choose the background color.

Web source URL as video source

Note: for Windows only.

You can choose Web source URL as a video source to broadcast any web-page with ManyCam.

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