Boost Games Performance with Driver Booster PRO

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There are several ways to boost the performance of your PC for better gaming experience. Using a game booster or optimizer utility is always the first choice.

This page will show you how to use a game booster called Driver Booster PRO for smoothing your game performance.

About game booster or optimizer

Game booster and optimizer is named for PC utilities which would help your system to improve the performance while playing games.

In most case, the booster or optimizer utilities simply make optimization process in fixing driver issues and by eliminating running background apps. So, using software for better PC performance is known as the best solution because it save you time and effort for looking around for suitable drivers and finding & killing unnecessary running apps and services.

How to know if the optimization works?

There are server standards to measure the effectiveness of the optimization with software.

Firstly, the lag must be reduce to nearly zero. Secondly, the framerate must be stable. Finally, more RAM is free up and disk activity and CPU load is minimized.

All these standards could be met with Driver Booster PRO.

Game Boost – Driver Booster PRO

Beside the ability to optimize your PC system by fixing issue with your system and program drivers, registries, etc, Game Boost feature in Driver Booster PRO helps to kill unnecessary apps and services to help you get a better gaming experience.

All you need to do is run Driver Booster PRO and hit the Turn On button under Game Boost feature.

By default, the program helps you to choose which apps and services should be killed already. If you want to make the selections your own, you can click on the Configuration text link under the Turn On button.

After the boost, you can click Details text link to view all the stopped processes/services/apps. And you can click the Turn Off button to turn off Game Boost at any time.

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