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What’s the best epub reader? If you are interested in reading epub files (and who isn’t at this point), you can’t escape hearing about epub reader app. But as there are a wide variety of reading devices, the epub reader apps we can choose for our eReaders are also different. Then our question as I stated at the beginning of this article arises. I have always insisted that “there is nothing best but better”, so I say maybe I couldn’t give you a satisfactory answer immediately. In this content all I can do is to introduce my own best epub reader review (in fact a lot of people love these what I’ve gathered). And if the files what you got are in PDF format, please read this article top 7 PDF reader and editor for Mac.

EPUB Reader from Official eBook Store

There are some reading apps released from official ebook stores support epub format. They are:

Kobo–Kobo desktop app, Kobo for iPhone/iPad, Kobo for Android, Kobo for Blackberry 10, Kobo for Win8 and Win8 Phone.
best epub reader

iBooks–iBooks for iPad, Mac, iPhone, iPod. Only supported for Apple devices.

Nook–Nook for iPad, iPhone, Web, Android, Windows 8.

Google Play Books–Only supported on Android OS, such as Nexus 7.

These official apps are only supported for dedicated stores. Nearly all the stores (I listed above) put their DRM limitation on their books. For example, if your epub books are purchased from Play Books, then you can only open and read them in Play Books, not available in kobo, or Nook. No way to read google epub books in Kobo unless drm removing.

The following parts I showed are about best epub readers that support common epub books, both DRMed and DRM free. And there is no limitation to the place where the book comes from. But for a better understanding and a convenient reading, I divide them into several kinds depend on your different reading devices.

EPUB Reader for PC/Mac/Android/IOS/Kindle fire

Except for Kobo desktop, iBooks for Mac, Nook desktop, another best free epub reader apps you can also take into consideration.

I highly recommend it for you if you want to read epub on your computer. Really a good epub viewer for computer. Digital Editions is a free epub reader developed by Adobe. It supports not only epub books but also pdf format. What’s more, it can read books no matter they are DRMed or DRM free, no matter they are purchased from Google or Kobo or Nook (a part of). In a word, as long as your epub are from Adobe associated stores, they will be readable in ADE.

Cost: Free

Compatible: Windows; Mac

DRM supported: DRMed or DRM free

Main Features: Highlight text; add bookmarks and notes; well designed library management; available in 11 languages; full screen for better view; can transfer downloaded epub files to another computer or smartphone.


A free and a multi-platform ebook reader. It also includes a downloader for network ebook stores. I love it very much because of its kindle fire supporting.

Cost: Free

Compatible: Windows; Mac; Linux; Blackberry 10; Android; Kindle Fire HD; Nook Simple Touch, etc.

DRM supported: Only DRM free

Main Features: External TrueType/OpenType fonts and hyphenation patterns for 16 languages; high customizeable; open-source (GPL) and localized for 14 languages

Mantano Reader

This is an epub reader for mac, or android, or IOS OS.

Cost: $ 4.99

Compatible: Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android

DRM supported: DRM protected or free.

Main Features: A library organizer; an OPDS explorer (Open Publication Distribution System); share annotations and quotes with friends.


Aldiko Book Reader is a best epub reader Android. Particularly suitable for Android users. No matter you are using an Nexus 7 tablet or Samsung Smartphone, you can view your epub files with aldiko.

Cost: Free or $ 2.99(premium)

Compatible: Android

DRM supported: DRM protected or free

Main Features: Fully customizable; easily switch to night mode; highlight; creat bookmarks; manage collections

BlueFire Reader

This app supports epub ebooks from retailers, publishers and libraries. I prefer to regard it as Adobe Digital Editions alternative for iPad.

Cost: Free

Compatible: Apple IOS, Android mobile, and now Windows PCs

DRM supported: DRM protected or free.

Main Features: Buying books directly within app; Dropbox intergration

EPUB Reader for Win7 or Win8

I have expressed the compatible devices based on each reader I listed above. But for a convenient reading, I will collect them together for you again: Kobo, Adobe Digital Editions, FBReader.

They are all free epub reader at the moment. When downloading option just choose your computer system.

And for Win 8, Nook app is available. Have a try if you like.

And here I also like to say my own opinions. When reading short essays or comics, reading with computer large screen is a good adventure, but if you are reading a long novel, you’d better not read epub with computer.

EPUB Reader for Mac

You can use: iBooks, Kobo for Mac, desktop, Adobe Digital Editions, Mantano Reader.ibooks as best epub reader for mac
The same as reading on windows, enjoy your big screen reading please.

And you may also want to ask me what’s the best app to read ebook on mac, I will answer you “iBooks”. It’s the official reading app. Another epub files purchased from other stores, no matter they have drm or not, decrypt them!


These are epub reading app for iPad, iPod, iPhone.

iBooks, Kobo, Nook, BlueFire, Mantana.

Just wanted to let you konw that these 4 apps are my recommendations based on my own tests and experience. Of course you can get a detailed look at the wiki page about ios ebook reader comparison.

Best EPUB Reader Android

I just list Google Play, Kobo, Nook, and Aldiko, Bluefire, Mantano, FBReader. I believe they could solve your epub reading problems more or less.

And in our guide page we also wrote a long article focus on android epub reader. Click here please.

Best EPUB Reader Online

Have introduced you top-5 best ePub Readers. If you think installing third-party softwares is a little messy, this part will guide you online epub reader.


This app can be added to Firefox, help us read epub files directly in Firefox browser. Please click on “Add to Firefox”. Then later when you click a link to epub file, you won’t see the “Save as” dialog.


Magic Scroll

With this reader we can upload our epub books from our computer or from a URL. Books added, we can view them soon, and we can also adjust the settings.

epub reader online with magic scroll


These 2 online epub reader do not support DRMed or encrypted epub files.

Which one is the best?

I have gathered best epub reader so that you can enjoy your epub files no matter where you are and what your device is.

When asked me which one is the best, my answer is still “no best only better”. And, here my better solution for you is epub drm removing.

Don’t you think drm checking is so messy? After we purchased one book, we couldn’t find out whether it has drm or not, yes? So how can we decide which reader is available?

If you are an ebook super fan, like me, we will buy different kinds of books from different stores, yes? So need we install several separate reading apps on one device? Then when reading we should check where those books from, and exit to another reader? Oh God.

Do you want to read epub books within one epub reader without drm worries? Do you wish to sync downloaded books on reading devices? Do you want to share purchased ePubs with friends and family?

You can have all of them by keeping one simple piece of advice in mind: Removing drm from epub books. Tool I have found, free download.

Here I want to share my another tip. In most cases after we click on downloading an epub book, we will receive an .acsm file. At this time we are sure that the acsm file has drm. We need to decrypt.

All come to the end. Hope this article could give you a hand, with these best epub reader.


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