Best 5 Online EPUB Converters Review

EPUB is the most popular e-book format at present. But there are still many e-books which are not EPUB format such as MOBI, PRC, etc. So we need to convert these e-books to EPUB. Online conversion is a good choice as it’s simple and easy to learn. What’s more, it’s free.

There are so many websites for converting e-book to EPUB that you may be confused of selecting the best one. If you choose an unreliable website, you may need to wait for a long time conversion, or just get a converted EPUB file of low quality. But this will never happen if you read this article. In this article, I’ll introduce you 5 online EPUB converters and list their main features. I’ve tried all these online converters below so I hope my experience could help you.

Notice: (Updated in Dec, 2019)

To convert DRM-protected Kindle/Kobo/Google Play books to epub or convert DRM-protected epub books to any other formats like PDF/Mobi/Txt, the free online EPUB Converters may not help you since they only support DRM-free books. To get a more powerful EPUB Converter, please go to 2020 Best EPUB Converter Download for All eBook Formats (With Detailed Steps). This is highly recommended to you if you are looking for a wonderful EPUB Converter.

best epub converter download


best online epub converter-zamzar

ZAMZAR is a strong online EPUB converter. It supports converting mainstream formats to EPUB. The batch mode let you convert one more files a time. You can also enter a URL to convert online file. ZAMZAR doesn’t support custom option. All you can do is uploading files and clicking the convert button. But this makes it easier to operate.

One visible drawback of ZAMZAR is that you can’t download the EPUB files when conversion finishes. Instead ZAMZAR send you an email and you have to click the link in the mail to download EPUB file.

Input format: PDF, MOBI, PRC, TXT, FB2

File size limit: 100MB

Batch mode: Yes

Custom options: No

File access: Email


best online epub converter-online converte

The online convert is based on Gutenberg Project, a famous volunteer effort to encourage the creation and distribution of eBooks. This online converter provides some custom options to let you modify the layout, font, encoding. You can also set your target e-book reader so that the output EPUB file will suit the device best. It supports converting mainstream formats like PDF and MOBI. You can upload your files from local or enter a URL.

Online convert doesn’t have a batch mode. You can only convert one file a time. The download link will pop up when the conversion completes.

Input format: PDF, MOBI, LIT, LRF, DOC, HTML

File size limit: 100MB

Batch mode: No

Custom options: Yes

File access: Download

3. 2EPUB

best online epub converter-2epub

The interface of 2EPUB is very concise. All you need to do are just three steps: Select files, upload files and convert them. 2EPUB supports many formats and batch conversion. You can save the EPUB file or download the result in zipped format.

2EPUB only supports 25MB file size as maximum. So it’s more suitable for small file conversion.

Input format: DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS, RTF, HTML, TXT, FB2

File size limit: 25MB

Batch mode: Yes

Custom options: Yes

File access: Download

4. Go4Convert

best online epub converter-go4convert

The Go4Convert has no limitation of file size. This is its most important feature. In addition, it’s very fast – perhaps the Go4Convert is the fastest online EPUB converter I’ve ever used. It uploads faster, converts faster, and operates easier –just select a file and the converter will do the rest. No extra clicking or setting. Just convert in one-click!

The output file of Go4Convert has smaller size than other online converters and it’s not specialized for some device. In other words, it doesn’t have a very high quality.


File size limit: No limit

Batch mode: No

Custom options: No

File access: Download

5. EPUB Bud

best online epub converter-epub bud

EPUB Bud supports many mainstream formats and a 200MB file size as maximum. It allows you set the copy right info and child safety. If you want to convert an EPUB e-book for your children, EPUB Bud may be a good choice.

You can preview the converted EPUB file in browser or download it directly after conversion.


File size limit: 200MB

Batch mode: No

Custom options: Yes

File access: Download & Preview

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