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More About USB Flash Security#

[Install “USB Flash Security” to USB flash memory.]
The security release tool will be installed in USB flash memory. So a PC that “USB Flash Security” is not installed in it can also release the security.

[USB flash memory is locked by a password.]
A password is necessary to access the “protected area”, when “USB Flash Security” is installed to USB flash memory.

Unplug the USB flash memory from PC, it can be locked by a password automatically.

[It will be the same transfer speed after installing “USB Flash Security”.]
Files in the USB flash memory will not be coded, so the speed of read and write will not be influenced by installing “USB Flash Security”.

    “USB Flash Security” makes the following two areas in USB flash memory.

  1. Small area about 0.5MB to save “Release tool”

    There is no room to save the other file in this small area.
    The area to save “release tool” is 0.5M Byte that is 1/2000 of capacity of a 1GB USB flash memory.
    It can be access without password, when the USB flash memory is inserted into PC.Data in this area is not protected, so we call the area “Unprotected Area” in the following sentences.

  2. Area to save data that you want to protect

    This area is all of the USB flash memory except the “Unprotected Area”.
    Password is necessary to access this area. This area is protected by a password, so we call it “Protected Area”.


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