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Deal Score+27
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Deal Score+27
1.75 5.00 Buy It Now

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More About Garbage Recycler

About program

If you are actively working on the computer, you probably noticed that the programs create temporary files, which often remain to the completion of the work programs. Over time, they become very much, they take up disk space and ourselves becomes uncomfortable to search your files in a pile of garbage. To remove unnecessary files from your computer, there are many programs. One of them is Garbage Recycler.

Potential users

Ordinary users, but mainly programmers. They are a result of work on the project there is a set of temporary files.

Main features

  • Analysis of disk space.
  • Deleting all files of certain types in the selected directories.
  • Removing individual files of a certain type.
  • If you do not know what information is stored in the files of this type, the program will open a browser page with a detailed description selected file type.

Differences from other products

The program is only concerned with the analysis of the file extensions, and deleting files. It does not clean up the registry, it does not deal with the acceleration of the boot, etc.

Possible problems

It is not found.

Limiting the free version

The files will not be deleted.


  • Download the distribution program (zip-archive) from our site http://www.soft4other.com
  • Create a folder for the program
  • Unzip the contents of the archive into created folder
  • Run EXE-file
  • A window will appear asking you to enter a serial number.
  • Enter the purchased serial number or click the button Try to work with the program in trial mode.


  • To uninstall the program, simply remove it from the directory.
  • Before removing do not forget to copy the desired data.


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