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More About Omega Trend EA

Omega Trend EA is a professional forex robot implemented with 3 simple but powerful trading principles that any trader can use to boost their performance and profits.

The first one is called trend spotting. Every trading session yields dozens of macro and micro trends that can be leveraged for profits. The key lies in selecting the right trend and extracting pips from the most profitable part. To give you the best opportunity to profit, Omega Trend EA is configured to detect a trend close to the beginning of the movement.

The second one is called strategy diversity. A one-size-fits-all strategy isn't practical for today's currency markets. At minimum, you should work with two distinct strategies that take advantage of different types of market movements. Omega Trend EA has two trend indicators tied to specific strategies. This gives you the flexibility to trade with confidence in any market.

And the last one is called dynamic entries & exits. Static entry and exit points often lead to missed profit opportunities and unnecessary account drawdown. Other tools mistakenly set concrete entry and exit points based on factors not tied to volatility. Omega Trend EA avoids this problem by dynamically linking stop loss, trailing stop, and take profit points to the volatility of the market.

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