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Deal Score+44
24.98 49.95 Buy It Now
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More About System Mechanic 15 Month

Makes your PC run like new again

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Does it take longer than ever to boot up, to open files, and even to connect to the Internet?

All PCs slow down with use. Over time, your normal computing activities leaves a tangled trail of junk files, fragmented drives, registry conflicts, and system errors that degrade performance.

System Mechanic 10 reverses this “aging” and can even make your PC run faster than when it was new, because many new PCs are not optimized for speed to begin with!

Features and Benefits

Cleans, defrags, & repairs registry
Accelerates PC startup 19 ways
Defrags & recovers orphaned RAM
Boosts internet speed
Complete low-level drive defrag
Turns off unused background programs
Install 1 license on up to 3 PCs!


New Features

Tune-up Definitions™

The body of ongoing research knowledge maintained by iolo Labs is translated into a regularly updated database that System Mechanic uses as a blueprint for identifying and resolving new problems and performance issues.


Frees up system memory and CPU resources to give Windows additional horsepower. Uses iolo Labs' Tune-up Definitions and user-defined profiles to identify background programs and services that can be temporarily shut down. Allows users to restart any program that was previously shut-down by EnergyBooster.

Total Registry Revitalizer™

Integrates all of System Mechanic's powerful registry tools into a single all-in-one tool. Functions include registry backup, registry repair and cleaning, registry compact, and registry defragmentation.

PC Health Status Gadget

A Sidebar Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista that provides real-time reports on system health, security, and overall status. Includes a running list of recently performed repairs and optimizations, and offers quick access to commonly used tools, such as Memory Mechanic™ and the new EnergyBooster™

Incinerator® for Recycle Bin

Incinerator® technology can now be optionally integrated into the Windows Recycle Bin, providing both standard file deletion and a Department of Defense 5220-22M compliant technique for maximum security when deleting files.

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