50% OFF PhoneClean Pro - Lifetime Plan (personal license) (August 2021)

30% OFF PhoneClean Pro – Lifetime Plan (personal license) (August 2021 Coupon)

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More About PhoneClean Pro – Lifetime Plan

PhoneClean Pro is an ultimate iOS cleaning tool that gives promises of privacy security, storage cleanup & performance tune-up on your iPhone iPad and iPod touch. Here are the detailed features & highlights:
#1 Secure your privacy data than others can do – People care about privacy. So should you. The new PhoneClean Pro turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a risk-free handheld device which let you stop worrying about your sensitive data leaks. By thoroughly scanning your devices, PhoneClean Pro finds and lists messages, Internet history, Safari cookies, calling history, email caches, and all your private content, so that you can choose which of them is supposed to be removed from your device.
#2 Keep getting more fun out of your iPhone and iPad – As the only iOS cleaning utility, PhoneClean Pro pioneeringly delivers a solution that helped millions of users reclaim billion gigabytes of storage space. With just few clicks, it allows you to quickly detect and remove temp, cache, cookie, off-line and many other kinds of junk files. The cleaning efficiency is surprising and dramatic, which you can’t even imagine.
#3 Let iPhone Other smaller and memory ampler – Looking in iTunes, you'll notice the Other stuff is swallowing a large amount of space on your devices. Now through accurate scanning and comparison, PhoneClean Pro digs around every corner of your iPhone and quickly strikes out these photo caches, email caches, download caches, SMS, iMessage and email caches, and all types of non-associated media files. As a result, you'll sharply feel the Other is getting smaller.
#4 Make your old iPhone run like new – iOS does the performance tuning job nicely, but it's not perfect yet. That's the way PhoneClean Pro comes in. For each and every operation processed by this magic tool, it offers an array of features that makes your old iPhone, iPad run like new. Besides, with the intelligent one-stop iOS Tune-up option, PhoneClean Pro gives you a lasting impression that launching and playing apps are more enjoyable than ever.
#5 It's not just cleaning. Everything has been considered – Being trusted by millions is the essential warranty of PhoneClean Pro. Now we redoubled our efforts and worked out a complete new but tried-and-true notion to let PhoneClean Pro create full backups prior to any cleaning action. Considering the significance of your data, PhoneClean Pro keeps all the backups well-organized. Upon doing so, even you mistakenly deleted some useful personal data, like an important message or other valuable photos, we can still help you get them back by restoring your device to any appointed backup point.
#6 Give you a versatile Toolbox full of magic and surprises – With an innovative Media Clean tool, PhoneClean Pro makes sense of all duplicated and corrupt media files, and then gives you an option to clean if you don't need them any more. For these unassociated or partially synced media files, PhoneClean Pro also finds a way to make them re-playable on your device. It's probably your last straw to save your corrupt media.

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