3 Reasons Why Privacy Guardian Is a Must

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What you do online is absolutely not private

So much of your online data is unprotected:


  • Your such Financial data as income, credit score, debt and loan information.
  • Your online history like web searches, watched video and visited websites.
  • Your other personal data that leaks during online purchasing process.

5 Things Privacy Guardian can do to protect you

iolo Privacy guardian

  1. Alerts you when ever it detects an unauthorized program collecting your private data.
  2. Helps you to remain your browsing anonymously by keeping online ads from tracking what you do.
  3. Stop ad-trackers from collecting and exposing your personal data.
  4. Prevent discriminatory pricing practices by keeping their your searches private.
  5. Block “digital fingerprinting” missed by VPNs and cookie cleaners.

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