3 Free Workarounds to Convert Audible to MP3

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We all know that converting Audible AA/AAX to MP3 let us bring our purchased audiobooks around and play them whenever we want on whatever players we have.

We also know that the easiest and fastest way to do that is using an ultimate eBooks converter called Epubor Ultimate (priced at $24.99) or Epubor Audible Converter (priced at $22.99).

In this page, we will demonstrate 3 another free workarounds on converting Audible to MP3.

  1. Using Audio Recorder
  2. Using iTunes CD Burning
  3. Using Online Converter

1) Using Audio Recorder

The idea of this workaround is to use an audio recorder to record the reading audio stream from Audible player. So, we will need to have at least two apps for this task including Audible for PC and Moo0 Voice Recorder.

We can use any audio recorder that can record audio streams of the computer. In this tip, we use Moo0 Voice Recorder because the program works perfectly for this purpose and is easy to use.

Once we get the two apps installed, we can now open them at the same time. We start the recording with Moo0 Voice Recorder first.

Make sure that MP3 format is select as output format of the recording.

As soon as the recording starts, we can start playing the Audibooks with Audible for PC app. Let the recorder and the Audible player still the playback ends. You can also click Stop! button to stop the recording at any time you want.

This workaround is really easy and free but it would take you hours for recording long audiobooks.

2) Using iTunes CD Burning

The idea of this tip is using iTunes to burn the AA/AAX files to physical Audio CD. And then import the burned CD back to MP3 files using iTunes built-in MP3 encoder.

To start with this workaround, we first need to install iTunes and authorize it with your Audible account.

2.1) Run and authorize iTunes

Go to Account, Authorization, select Authorize Audible account. In put your Audible account in the next window to complete the authorization.

2.2) Add Audible eBooks to burn CD

Create a New Playlist in iTunes and add your .AA and .AAX files to that playlist.

Insert a blank CD to CD/DVD Writer drive of your computer. Select the create playlist of audiobooks and choo Burn Playlist to Disc.

2.3) Import MP3 from burn audiobooks CD

Go to iTunes, click Edit and select Preferences to open General Preferences.

Click Import Settings (2) and make sure that MP3 Encoder is selected.

Reinsert the burned audiobook CD. Make a right-click on the CD device from the iTunes’ sidebar and select Import CD.

Genererally, this workaround can helps to get your MP3 audiobooks from AA/AAX Audible files, but it may waste your CDs.

Using Online Converter

Using a free online Audible converter website is the last workaround for this Audible to MP3 converting guide page. There are some online converters, but it is recommended that you should try Audio Converter Online because it is really free even with the trial plan.

We just simply upload AA/AAX files to the website, select MP3 as output format and click Convert.

The files can be uploaded from computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, etc.

After the conversion finished, your can download and save the converted MP3 to your computer.

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