Month: October 2020

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As an overall Spotify music downloader and converter for Spotify free and premium clients, AudKit Spotify Music Converter for Windows is capable in downloading Spotify melodies, playlists, digital recordings, book recordings, and so on for disconnected tuning in without promotions.

With 5X transformation speed, it can change Spotify Ogg Vorbis over to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, FLAC, WAV, and such normal – utilized sound configurations with unique quality kept. Clients can unreservedly appreciate the changed over Spotify music on any gadget whenever.

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AtomPark Software is promoting Shockingly HIGH Discounts on its best email marketing software on Avangate system for the last time. All audiences can play the official Dracula’s Castle games to obtain the discount Up to 50%.

This is a very simple and easy web game which requires user to complete the castle-break mission only.

If you do not have time for playing around with this game for the discount, you can just use the direct buy links with 50% discount coupon here.

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Offer takes place from 29th – 31st OCTOBER, 2020


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Offer details for Windows and Mac:

Editions: ManyCam Standard, Studio, Premium Subscription
Discount Coupon: up to 33%
No Promo code needed. Simply direct traffic to ManyCam Web site.
Duration: from October 26 to November 1, 2020

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What’s new in ManyCam 7.7

  • New Overlay feature for maximum productivity
  • Create layers with rounded corners and opacity
  • Add PDFs as your video source

Recent improvements (before 7.7 version)

  • ManyCam’s UI 7.x is better than ever
  • Overall performance enhanced
  • Revamped Chroma Key (hardware accelerated & better smoothing)
  • Drag, drop and resize effects while live
  • Add animated GIFs as an effect
  • Drawing tool boost (smooth, shapes & stamps)

ManyCam 7,x Full Features list

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What is Nifty Stats?

Nifty Stats is known as one of the most useful desktop utility for downloading the stats from your affiliate programs, affiliates networks, advertising networks automatically and regularly (following an interval preset).

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CrakRevenue CPA network is a complex tracking system itself. By integrating Nifty Stats and CrakRevenue API you can track and monitor complete CrakRevenue statistics in a way and in graphic style that you like best.

To do this, you will need to make two necessary steps as follows:

  1. Obtain CrakRevenue API key
  2. Integrate CrakRevenue into Nifty Stats using the obtained API

How to obtain CrakRevenue API key?

While the are fews ways to obtain the API key from CrakRevenue officially, contacting live support directly is fastest and easiest way. So, all you need to do for this step is going to the CrakRevenue page and ring the support for your API key.

Integrate CrakRevenue into Nifty Stats

When you get the API key from CrakRevenue support guy, you can now proceed to add CrakRevenue to Nifty.

Go to Snifty Stats, hit Affiliate Program and select Add Program in the top menu.

Find CrakRevenue in the affiliate program database

Submit your API key to the program and select the starting date from when you want Nifty Stats to load your statistics.

You can also select the download type according to what information you want to track. For example, you may choose Offers and Sub ID and Sources and any type as you wish.

Choose to track statistics by yourself

Choose to track statistics by yourself

If you want details on the selected type, you can go to the Product Tools section of the CrakRevenue page for more information.

Choose to track statistics by yourself

Statistics in various types of graphs

Graphical statistic give you better experiencing and comforting

Under CrakRevenue Offers, the names of the individual live cams, adult games, and other programs you promote are displayed. By organizing these data, you can always get better overview of clicks, earnings, etc.

SubIds, Offers, Sources and all selected types from the above steps are displayed in one window

Double check and set up payouts

The statistics may take from a few seconds to minutes depending on the date range you have selected to loaded. So, please be patient and let Nifty Stats do its job.

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TubeDigger is one of the very best advanced online video downloaders available on the market these days. You can download online videos from any sites as you wish with 2 simple steps

  1. Input URL
  2. Inpect videos from input URL

Step 1/3 – Input the URL of webpage with video links

Tubedigger supports 3 methods for inputing an URL as follows:

Type URL manually

You can copy and paste the URL from your browser to the Tubedigger URL box. Or you can type the URL manually as you work with any common browser.

Hit Enter to go. And if there is no playing video, press it to start playing so that the program can detect the video source quickly.

How to download online videos with TubeDigger

Monitor browsing URL from a using external browser

Simply hit Monitor Browser from TubeDigger window. The browing video pages are now monitored by the program and they would be addedd to the target list automatically.

Drag video link from external browser to TubeDigger

You can alse drag the video page from your using browser to TubeDigger window.

drag the video page from your using browser to TubeDigger window

Step 2/2 – Input URL inspecting and video links revealed

As soon as you press the Enter button (above step) the program starts inspecting the input URL for videos available to download.

It depends on the server of the video site you chose, it may take a few seconds up to a few minutes to finish the video inspection.

Video should start downloading in a few seconds or when ads finish.

How to download online videos with TubeDigger
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Driver Booster 8 can download and install drivers even without an Internet connection. Supporting 4,500,000 + device drivers and game components, the latest version 8 ensures users get the latest and most stable drivers for premium game experience and stable PC performance.

Driver Booster 8 is a great driver-update tool which updates outdated, faulty and even missing drivers and game components fast and accurate. With the super large database (4,500,000+), Driver Booster 8 can offer users 2 solutions on detecting and installing drivers, no matter you prefer to enjoy the latest features or prefer to have a most stable drivers, you can get your most suitable solution here. And no need to worry about safety, as all drivers in the large database come from the official manufacturer’s website and have passed both Microsoft WHQL test and IObit test. Besides expanding the core database, Driver Booster 8 has the following outstanding features: Offline Driver Updater and Auto Driver Update.

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Perform Cloud to Cloud Migration more secure, and hassle-free with Systools Cloud Migration 5.2.0.


It is a robust and flexible tool to move data between multiple cloud platforms. Capable to migrate emails, address book, calendars, documents, attachments, etc., mailbox data items from source to destination in no time. It is an all-in-one cloud migration utility to move complete data in a single process.


This tool has the ability to perform cloud to cloud migration in multiple ways. It contains options that allow to move data from one cloud platform or domain to same / another cloud platform or domain. Just choose the desired source and destination, and leave rest to the tool.


Migration of multi-user in batch mode has never been an easy task. But, SysTools Migrator makes this concurrent migration task simple for the users. It can move multi-user account of a domain from one cloud platform to another. The tool will migrate the account in the order of entry or one can set the priority also.


As the process begin, the migration monitor displays the real-time status of all accounts that are under the migration process. The software can monitor multiple accounts at the same time running concurrently. One can see the real-time status in list view for all process simultaneously or tile view for each process separately.


This Migrator tool is capable to perform concurrent migration. It let users migrate more than one user mailboxes at once in the batch mode. The software begin the batch of first 40 mailboxes at one time. A user is allowed to set the priority also to define the order of concurrent migration i.e., which all mailboxes need to be migrated first.


SysTools Migrator is one of the simplest and easiest application to install, configure and use. The software does not require any extra installation to complete any cloud migration process successfully. One just needs to install the application and login via admin credentials, rest leave everything to the application.