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Deal Score+82
188.61 221.89 Buy It Now

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More About FetchBoy Professional Small Medium Enterprise (SME)


FetchBoy Pro is a comprehensive package of tools designed to meet the needs of professionals. It brings together data analysis and file management with cutting edge data recovery. FetchBoy Pro groups and manages those powerful tools so that taking on multiple, complex tasks is quick and straightforward.


The disk management tools will automatically define storages and open disk images, RAID configurations and virtual disks. The Hex-Viewer and Editor tools allow you to view and alter data on disks or disk partitions. Even severe file system damage can be repaired.


The RAID tools handle RAID construction and recovery and allow you to alter data on the recovery storage. You will be able to build standard and custom RAID configurations.


The software can be installed to several operating systems – Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS and Linux.


FetchBoy Pro is the perfect solution for detailed data analysis and professional recovery of lost and deleted data.




Disk images and virtual disks

FetchBoy Pro can handle disk images and virtual disks from leading vendors including VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware ESX Server, VMware Fusion, Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft Hyper-V and Parallels Desktop. It operates virtual disks and disk image files exactly as if they were physical disks.


Recovery after file system format

FetchBoy Pro can detect previous versions of a disk that has been reformatted and even detect previous file system variants. More importantly you will be able to choose older versions of the file system to access for recovery.


Data consistency analysis and error correction

FetchBoy Pro analyses data consistency and makes it possible to correct even moderately serious file system issues. It locates file/folder descriptors and file/folder fragments allowing you to navigate through them. FetchBoy Pro will identify and correct faulty file fragments. Key to this is the write-enabled hexadecimal editor which enables you to fix directory entries, move superblocks and fix inodes.


About the One Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Licence


The SME licence has been designed to meet the needs of businesses.


The licence allows you activate FetchBoy ten times on any computers or Operating System. Each activation lasts for 30 days. A further bonus activation becomes available every 60 days. The bonus activations don't accumulate and are limited to six per year. All activations will expire 366 days after the first activation.


Your Licence Key will be emailed to the address that you register. Please keep this Licence Key as you will need it to activate FetchBoy and recover your lost data. The “Easy Activation Guide” that explains how to activate FetchBoy.


If you change your Operating System and/or hardware, you will need to use a new activation.


You are agreeing to buy a licence for FetchBoy Pro edition. For the full End User Licence Agreement (EULA) click here. You can also contact us to ask for a bespoke Enteprise licence to meet your specific needs.


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