10% OFF Excel Add-in for Oracle (November 2021)

10% OFF Excel Add-in for Oracle (November 2021 Coupon)

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More About Excel Add-in for Oracle

Devart Excel Add-in for Oracle allows you to use powerful Excel capabilities for processing and analysis of data from Oracle database, edit external data as usual excel spreadsheets and save data changes back to Oracle database
Key Features:

  • Powerful Data Import. With Devart Excel Add-in for Oracle you can precisely configure what data to load into the document. Select objects and columns and set complex data filters. If this is not enough, all the power of SQL is to your service.
  • Quick Data Refresh. The main Devart Excel Add-in for Oracle benefit is an ability to periodically get the actual data from different data sources to Excel with a single click without repeating the whole import operation each time. Refresh data in your workbook easily whenever you want.
  • Easy Data Modification. You can edit data in Excel just like you usually do it, add or delete rows, modify cell values, etc. Use full power of Excel to perform mass data update, insert, and delete operations against your data source. After you finished editing, just click Commit and the changes will be posted back to Oracle database
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